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Winter - Chillin' with my Snowmie with an Extra Chromie - Kids - Long Sleeve Tee

Winter - Chillin' with my Snowmie with an Extra Chromie - Kids - Long Sleeve Tee

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About this Design

Chillin' with my Snowmie with an Extra Chromie.

In most of our designs, the word "HOMIE(S)" is much larger than the rest of the text - symbolic of the importance of seeing people-first.  The "e" in the word "chromies" has an extra line, but if you focus on the "HOMIE" you will not even notice the extra line meant to symbolize the extra "chromie™".


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Homies with Extra Chromies

"Homies with Extra Chromies:registered:" and "Chromies:registered:" are both registered trademarks of Reeve's Tees, LLC and may not be used without a licensing agreement.

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